Long Shot

He is a sniper that has trust issues he's best friends with 6 pack sam.



HP: 17hp

AC= 2 17-18

Weapons: Snipe rifle 10 Damage
Hunting knife: 6 Damage

Athletics 3
Dodge: 3
Firearms: 4
Hide and seek: 3
Perception: 4
General Knowledge: 2

Strength: 1
Presence: 1
Dex: 3
Wits: 2
Resolve: 2
Fortitude: 1

Movement: 8
Sneak: 10
Run: 24
Swim: 8
Leap H: 4
Jump V: 2


He is a sniper with trust issues him and Sam have been friends for a long time he’s the only person he can trust. He’s quick agile and good with a rifle probably the best. His goals are

The reason he has trust issues is because 11 years before the present year which is 2178
his wife Holly betrayed him. They lived together just outside Kesyak they would fish from the nearby rivers hunt the local dears and rabbits they also had 2 kids 6 and 5, two girls. They were at peace and were settling down. But when Adam Young (Long Shot) went hunting one day he was attacked by a group of bandits living in Kesyak he barely survive, he got arrow in shoulder.
After that attack they would threaten them steal their crops and farm animals. Until one day he could only presume that the bandits offered his wife Holly a way out of it by joining them. They would had to have a very special reason why she should join them. Because no mother would do what she did. couple of nights went by, Adam was sleeping in his bed until Holly got up telling Adam she was going to the outhouse. He was oblivious, Has he was drifting off he heard bumps and thuds in his daughters room. He got up in a flash grabbing his rifle and barging into their room. To what he discovered has scarred him to this day. Holly killed his two children slitting their throats. Their sheets covered in blood Holly was also covered in blood, she was sobbing. Adam said “Why?…” and she replied “I’m protecting you…” and she lunged at Adam with the knife he shot her at point blank no agitation. he left her to bleed out. He took his two daughters and buried them a kilometre away from the cabin. Till this day he knows nothing of her motives but he can only presume that she did for a safer and easier life.

Long Shot

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