6 pack Sam

A tough biker he knows his way around he is bald with a beard


His Stats are

.HP: 8 Die

Weapons: Machete 2 Pip
.Shotgun 4 Pip LR 1 Pip

Dodge: 2
Drive: 4
Firearm: 4
Fisticuffs: 3

Strength: 2
Presence: 2
Wits: 2
Dex 1
Fortitude: 2
Resolve: 1

Movement: 6
Sneak: 8
Run: 18
Swim: 6
Leap H: 2
Jump V: 1


When he was little, his dad would take him out to hunt the mutated beast of the land training him to be able to survive when he’s not here. Also his dad would tell him stories of the white plains 258km of white desert, people say its like a blank canvas. It was also home to bandits that live underground called the shakers they would come out of the ground in their cars chasing anyone trying to go through the white plains. His mother was ripped apart by deathclaw when he was young so he has hatred for them.

6 pack Sam

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